Audrey Inouye, L.Ac

licensed acupuncturist

audrey inouye

Audrey specializes in facial rejuvenation acupuncture to create a healthier more vibrant appearance for her patients.  Her goal is to bring forth and allow the inherent beauty in each of her patients to radiate. 

Audrey takes a holistic and spiritual approach to healing in both her practice and overall lifestyle.  She is constantly learning and growing each day, acknowledging both the light and dark within and outside each of us.  She believes we are all on our own individual paths in growth and healing, and feels it is important to follow our own inner guidance—our truth.  In her own journey through eastern healing practices and spirituality, she has developed a healthier relationship to self and body image that she hopes to extend to others.  She has learned that healing the body, mind, and soul, allows one's true self and genuine beauty to shine through. 

Audrey completed her Master of Science in Oriental Medicine at Acupuncture & Integrative Medicine College in Berkeley where she was opened up to the life-changing power of natural medicine and energy work.  Prior to this, Audrey received her Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from UC Irvine.  Through the knowledge she has acquired from both her Eastern and Western studies, she cares for and balances the mental, emotional, and physical health of her patients.  After several years of gaining experience through her acupuncture practice, she felt called into this specialization of facial rejuvenation acupuncture as it incorporates her passion for holistic health with her love of art and beauty. 

 Audrey looks forward to working with you in bringing to light your true outer and inner beauty.