facial rejuvenation

Unlike invasive cosmetic procedures such as fillers and surgery which can completely alter one’s look to match the current beauty trend, we work to acknowledge and naturally enhance the beauty inherent within each and every one of us.  Beauty truly comes from within, and facial rejuvenation acupuncture works by stimulating our own body to revitalize itself from the inside out.  On an emotional/spiritual level, it helps one gain confidence and appreciate ourself at the core.  On a physical level, it improves circulation and organ function, creating a more lifted, clear, and firm skin tone.  Also, acupuncture produces micro-injury to the facial tissue, creating collagen production and quicker cell turnover.  This lessens wrinkles, skin discoloration, and creates a healthy glow.  One of the most desirable aspects of this natural beauty therapy is that people of all ages can benefit, as it not only acts to improve current facial conditions, but also provides preventative care to slow the effects of the aging process.

benefits of facial rejuvenation 

Most people receive a variety of benefits from facial acupuncture.

  • Improved dark circles and puffiness under eyes

  • Reduces fine wrinkles and lessens deeper wrinkles

  • Creates clear and lustrous skin complexion

  • Regains skin moisture and elasticity

  • Tightening of pores

  • Brighter and softer facial expression

  • Face lift for sagging jowels and neck

  • Tightened and toned facial expression

  • Balances hormones for acne prone skin

  • Decreased puffiness of face

  • Increased collagen production

benefits to body

Acupuncture points are not only applied to the face, but to the body as well, achieving added health benefits.

  • Balanced hormonal system

  • Balanced autonomic system

  • Increased energy and well being

  • Stress relief

  • Harmonizes physical, emotional and spiritual self

  • Resolves conditions listed on home page


Acupuncture needles produce collagen production

Acupuncture needles produce collagen production

Gua Sha to increase blood circulation

Gua Sha to increase blood circulation

Jade roller to smooth wrinkles and soothe skin

Jade roller to smooth wrinkles and soothe skin

Each patient's treatment plan is customized according to individual concerns and desired outcome.  We will work on the face as a whole, or focus on specific targeted areas such as forehead, neck, cheeks, eyes, etc.  There are many internal factors that affect our appearance such as genetics, hormones, organ function, free radicals, metabolism, immunity and emotions.  Equally affecting us are external factors such as diet, exercise, hygiene, environment, and stress.  Both these internal and external factors are important aspects to consider and work with in order to achieve optimal results.  

Each treatment consists of a facial/neck/shoulder massage to increase blood flow to the face; body acupuncture to treat one's constitution; facial and scalp acupuncture using extra-fine needles; jade roller, facial cupping and/or gua sha to soothe skin and increase blood circulation; and aromatherapy, hydrosols and/or essential oil serums according to skin type.  

lasting effects

After a facial rejuvenation treatment, the effects last around two weeks, depending on the patient.  Weekly or bi-weekly visits are recommended, and at least 10-15 treatments is suggested to obtain optimal lasting results.  After this initial series, follow-up treatments every 1-4 months to maintain results is suggested.  Results become more and more apparent after each treatment, but even after the initial treatment, the face appears more rested and radiates a healthy glow– patients report gained confidence and well-being.  It is important to note, most noticeable benefits are achieved over time, and best results are dependent on compliance, lifestyle and overall health of the patient.


While facial rejuvenation acupuncture benefits most people, it is not recommended for those with certain conditions: 

  • High Blood Pressure – unless controlled with medication, facial acupuncture is contraindicated for those with severe high blood pressure

  • Migraines – for those who suffer from frequent, severe migraines, facial acupuncture can sometimes aggravate or bring on a headache/migraine as more qi and blood is brought to the head

  • Acute Viral/Bacterial Infections (cold, flu, herpes outbreak, allergies, etc.)

  • Pregnancy

  • Dermal fillers such as Botox – wait 3 months after procedure to schedule an appointment, or we can still work on face but just avoid area treated

  • Intensive skin treatments such as laser resurfacing, chemical peels and microdermabrasion – wait 3 weeks after procedure to schedule an appointment

  • Sun-burn

  • Pre-menstrual acne – for women who breakout before or on their period, it is recommended to wait to schedule until after their period

Please contact us for further questions or more information.